Two thoughts

based on discussions in one of my courses last year.

“The society that sets us up for boredom and a soul-crushing existence also sets us up for addiction to luxuries like cheap processed foods and consumer goods to hold off depression.”

a critical Disconnect:

In Civilization: Job/Work = Money = Grocery store = Food.
In Nature/Uncivilization: Work = Food.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] to provide for themselves, having no skills that would enable them to survive, in a system that requires money to acquire food. This, I think, is the real motivating fear behind conventional end-of-the-world types: that a […]


  2. […] Regarding Warner’s quip about chickweed and acorns: these undomesticated foods are simply gatherable edible gifts from Mother Earth not requiring a sacrifice—unlike the civilized foods produced by man’s sweat and toil—and are therefore considered inferior by the biased Warner to the corn of the lottery. And are we surprised? Since the earliest Neolithic rumblings (only much later recorded in Genesis), agriculturalists in Our Culture have been told  that they must work, by the sweat of their brows, for their food; to get things for free—or at the very least, for minimal work—is the way of ‘lazy’ Injuns and other uncivilized folk. And even though the majority of people in our culture no longer directly work the land for their food, this notion is no less true. […]


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