Doomsday Preppers: Christopher Nyegres

The next guy is pretty cool; I watched his little intro on the website before the show aired, and I like him.

Right off the bat, the narrator takes the words from my mouth and says he’s a down-to-earth Californian, who declares that he’s “prepping for the possibility of a devastating earthquake in the city of Los Angeles”. Which is not at all unreasonable.
As a fellow ‘lone wolf’, I feel some kinship with this man. He dresses in earth-tones, is soft-spoken and confident, and has a good knowledge of wild edibles. Echoing the philosophy “there is no one right way for people to live”, he says, “Everybody has their own idea of what preparedness is.” I also like that we both feel that “holing up and hiding is the antithesis of survival.”
Reading early write-ups of this episode online, I’ve already seen others mocking this man’s inclusion of flint arrowheads as part of his survival pack. I don’t see what the big deal is—he’s looking forward into the long-term, to a time when such things might very well be useful items for barter. That’s good. He also carries a roll of silver dollars to use for exchanges in the short-term, at least until postapocalyptic people wake up and realize that there’s really no inherent value in precious metals.
Others have also commented on the fact that he includes a bottle of salad dressing in his pack. Again, I don’t see what’s wrong with this—if his strategy is geared towards foraged salads, then that makes perfect sense. Dandelion greens can be bitter, but they go down just fine with a little vinaigrette.  Personally, I wouldn’t want the weight of a 12-ounce glass bottle in my pack, and would probably carry some single-serving pouches of dressing. Also, I dig the chopsticks. Ditto for including a simple sling in his pack.

However, I’m undecided about his comment that “with enough people out there practicing these [skills], civilization could arise again.” I think I understand what he means, and hopefully his use of the C word is referring to an evolved, new kind of culture that won’t get too big for its britches. Hopefully. Emulate injuns.

The assessment of the ‘experts’ criticizes him for not including a gun in his gear. I can see their point (I sure wouldn’t want to go hike through a burning LA without protection!) but maybe he’s a really good shot with that sling! He disregards the advice, and explains how he will continue to cultivate skills and friendships to “create the society that you want to be a part of.” Right-on, Chris. That’s right thinking.


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