Doomsday Preppers: Megan Hurwitt

Ahh, the Texan ‘twentysomething urban party-girl survivalist’.
Unrelated to her survival strategy, there was just something…off…about this girl. I’m not sure what it was; maybe she’s too eager or anxious or whatever. The shot of her toasting the end of the world (there’s a lot of this on the show) with her girlfriends was kind of weird. She enthusiastically claims that she’s “prepping for a catastrophic oil crisis, and when the SHTF I’ll be fitter than you are!” Okay, so you’re using this as motivation for physical fitness? That’s valid, but remember that there’s more to survival (and overall wellness, for that matter) than just being physically fit. Anything else?

In addition to LOTS OF BULLETS, she claims to have a seed bank for vegetables and herbs, but I really don’t see much evidence of her capability or willingness to actually grow any, as she seems to be more focused on exercising on playground equipment.

Apparently, if they have to bug out, the boyfriend is going to kill the cats. Which is really stupid: if you’re going to kill them, you could at least have the respect to ensure that they didn’t die for nothing, and eat the damn things. Maybe their spoiled lives could give you that extra bit of protein needed to sustain you on your ill-advised trip through the wasteland.
Speaking of the wasteland: for future reference, if you want to try and evacuate yourself from a potentially dangerous area without attracting attention, 1) don’t do it with your headlamp blazing, and 2) put on some pants. Also, I’ve been to urban Texas; calling sewer lines and rivers ‘somewhat-fresh streams of water’ is a huge overstatement. Sure, I guess you could purify them, but only after you strained out all the shit and dead armadillos.

But wait, what? She’s waiting for everyone to leave, and then she’s bugging out?! I thought the whole idea behind a bugout was to leave at the first indication that things were about to go south, so you’re long gone by the time they do? Honey, that’s not a bugout, that’s too little, too late.

Additionally, even though her prepping plan is based around a gas crisis, she still seems to think there will be opportunities to get more fuel for her truck…on the way down to (wait for it!)…Mexico. Why she plans on going south of the border of all places, I dunno; living in Tejas, she should know full well that that country has been teetering on the precipice of becoming a failed state for years.

However, it’s nice to see her getting some rudimentary bushcraft training; I would happily choose a sharp piece of flint over a dull piece of steel any day. (This is as good a time as any to mention the shows’ messages that pop up from time to time, usually to correct a mistake uttered by one of the preppers. Case in point: Megan claims that cooking catfish will reduce its nutrients; caption: Cooking fish doesn’t affect nutrition. But it will kill parasites!)

Part of the ‘experts’ evaluation of her strategy is “your food is inadequate.” Her response (“That’s all we can afford!”) shows that this poor girl is obviously unaware of the criminal amount of quality food out there just waiting to be scavenged for free.

And, in the end, she decides the best thing to do is enlist in the US Army. :-/

I came across an interesting interview with Ms. Hurwitt in which she explains the extent of the editing done to this show. She thankfully comes off as much less of a nutbag.


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  1. […] Other folks have said it too, but I’ll say it too—something about this guy is Off (and unlike Ms. Hurwitt, I don’t think this is an effect of the show’s editing). He’s both eager and creepy, and he […]


  2. Posted by Accidental Survivalist on 23 April, 2012 at 16:28

    My favorite part was that she almost seemed excited about whoring herself out to survive. Must be due to her chipper attitude. Regardless, I am not sure how sane or insane she truly is, but wearing those damn shorts everywhere she goes is not going to help her avoid attention. Think about the chaffing she will have carrying that pack in the heat.


  3. Posted by james on 7 August, 2013 at 12:10

    I saw this episode yesterday and this girl seemed a bit odd. First off deciding that Mexico is a preferable alternative to the U.S.A. in an apocalypse seems like a bad option. If you wait for everyone to leave why not just stay at that point? Why kill the cats? Just let them go. How wise is it to park your getaway car 12 miles away? That car would have been siphoned of gas way before she hikes the 12 miles to it. If everyone is gone why wait until dusk to leave? It took her six damn hours to hike it so she would be stumbling in the dark. I grew up in Houston and run off sewers were never thought of as fresh water.All in all this girl would be in way over her head.


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