Doomsday Preppers: David Sarti

The series’ second episode begins by featuring David Sarti. As I understand, he’s a youtube personality from Tennessee and gets a lot of heat for his weight, so I’ll try to be constructive.
As an ex-trucker, he draws inspiration from what he knows—he’s apparently concerned that an EMP will destroy the transportation system of the country—and so focuses his preps on radio, food storage, and yappy-dog-based security.

While I disagree with a civilized, grain-based diet, I like that his food storage is basically huge sealed bins of dried corn, and he’s well-aware of the monotony of eating the same thing. However, if he thinks that eating cornbread will be boring, it’s probably because he’s not eating ‘Yankee’ cornbread (which is sweetened, unlike the southern stuff). He should try my mom’s recipe.

He says, “People believe they can just become hermits. That’s fine and dandy, but if you want to rebuild society, you need to communicate.” Look, David, I get it – you’re a HAM guy, you’re used to chatting on the CB, you like to talk, so you focus on comms. I understand what you mean—hell, I’ve had dreams where I was back on the radio again, broadcasting useful postapocalyptic info out into the wasteland—and I hate to be a broken record, but people need to get over this obsession with rebuilding. If you’re going to talk about rebuilding, at least try to think outside the civilized box.

With regards to health and fitness, this guy is a perfect candidate for a killer juice fast, a la Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I’m starting to realize that there’s a ‘trucker body type’ and it can best be described as…morbidly American.  If nothing else, let him serve as a motivation for others: this is what a civilized, processed-food, sedentary lifestyle looks like.


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