Doomsday Preppers: Pat Brabble

The last prepper profiled in this episode is Pat Brabble, a born-again churchgoing southerner with a fear of the ‘downfall of society’ brought on…(all together now!) by hyperinflation. I would guess he’s also concerned with the moral decline of society to boot.
Pat claims he’s spent $10,000 on food and supplies. He shows off his secret stash behind a false wall in his barn—a 20×20 room stocked to the ceiling, containing (among other things) 200 gallons water and 200 pounds of sugar (and he says he wants four or five hundred pounds total!).
Well, now the whole world knows who you are and where you live, so good job on breaching that ‘OpSec‘ stuff that preppers are always going on about.

Once again, the food situation is shelves and shelves of jars and canned goods. C’mon, you’re an older southern man, I’m betting you grew up around agriculture—so why don’t you have a garden? He also has 60-70 guns, though I would guess he had a bunch of these before he started prepping.

With the camera crew in tow, Pat goes to the store and throws down over four hundred dollars on pallets of sugar and high-proof booze.
Cashier: “Y’all gonna drink all this?”
Pat: “Nope, it’s for bartering and trading.”
Cashier: “Huh.”

Actually, it looks like about half of it was for wasting, when he and his relatives hang around in the backyard making ‘molotov cocktails’, just to prove they can, apparently. Some have suggested that the producers put them up to it (wouldn’t surprise me), and others—with a better grasp of the law than I have—claim that a Bacardi 151 fire-bomb counts as a Destructive Device.  Hmm. If so, I hope NatGeo has the courtesy to pay this guy’s court fees. Also, why waste the booze on some crappy ‘Molotov’?—petrol and styrofoam works better and is way cheaper.

Regardless, Brabble takes what I’m calling the ‘Type 1 Prepper’ blueprint (focused on the buying and hoarding of food, guns, and ammo) and adds a volatile ingredient…religion. It’s a safe bet that the American South will be a hotbed of these types when shit goes down, and that’s an especially troubling combination to me, because Judeo-Christian, heavily-armed preppers with thousands of dollars worth of supplies—quintessential Rawlesian preppers—are exactly the ones who will continue to fixate on rebuilding the failed world they knew: “The worst part of it is this…that the survivors, if there are any, will immediately set about doing it all over again, exactly the same way” (Ishmael, 109).


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  1. […] Chinamen. Like pipe bombs. Which I’m 99% sure counts as BATF ‘destructive devices’. So like Pat Brabble and his 151-proof ‘Molotov cocktails’, Mr. Wayne and Cousin Jesse waste something expensive […]


  2. Posted by DA on 22 September, 2014 at 20:38

    I just watched this episode and find that he is a terrible “prepper” and many real preppers would be disappointed by his “plan” .. They grew up on a Southern farm, live on a Southern farm and instead of working on garden stock he is.. oh yeah, buying sugar and guns. He sounds like an idiot and spends money like an idiot.. If SHTF he will be the fire and brimstone preacher that the South loves to love with sweet tea and a shotgun. Idiot. Waste of money and his time.


  3. Posted by fingerboxes on 25 September, 2014 at 17:12

    I watched the episode myself recently (guilty pleasure).

    Did anyone else catch to use of the full-auto mod AR-15? I did about 10 minutes worth of looking and couldn’t find any circumstance where this is legal.


  4. Posted by Mark on 20 March, 2015 at 08:56

    Fingerboxes, fully automatic weapons are perfectly legal in most states you don’t need a special license but you have to fill out the proper BATFE forms, wait the 6 to 9 month waiting period to be approved through extensive background check and finally pay your $200 NFA tax stamp(which is kinda silly considering the firearm will cost a minimum of around 15 to 20 grand).

    It’s been a while since watching the episode so I can’t remember his exact setup, but there are ways to “simulate” automatic fire that don’t require a tax stamp such as bump or slide fire stocks.

    However Im at a loss why anyone would want an Automatic AR considering, with the direct gas impingement system you will melt your barrel off after a few mag changes. Not to mention a complete wast of your ammo


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