Doomsday Preppers: Donna Nash

Next up is Donna Nash from Utah, owner of a vaguely religiously-themed prepping business called ArkReady.
She’s prepping for obsessed with a worldwide pandemic, probably of some kind of flu. In between scenes of her trying to convince the neighbors of this contingency (and to take one of her pre-made pandemic buckets) are shots of her wiping down doorknobs and countertops, spraying aerosol chemicals in the house, and dusting the floors. She has one of those houses that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine—the kind that looks like it isn’t lived in. She reminds me of a magnet my mom used to have stuck on the refrigerator that said, “Boring women have immaculate homes.”

I also think it’s kind of ironic, that she’s afraid of some killer super-resistant strain of the flu, when she’s practically hosing down her house with hand sanitizer. I’d be really curious to know how often her kids get sick—because growing up in an antiseptic, sanitized environment, I would bet they have all sorts of asthma and stuff. The only thing her OCD cleaning is doing is creating stronger germs and weaker kids. Hell, I grew up practically licking dirt off the floor, and aside from the odd reaction (being barefoot most of the time, I step on a lot of bees; turns out I’ve developed an allergy over the years—it happens.), I go to the doctor about once every five years. Of course, eating dumpster food is always good for the ol’ immune system, too.

I have the feeling that the producers try to push the folks on this show to do at least one thing to make them look completely crazy. In this case, it’s to get Ms. Nash to have her family do a ‘pandemic drill’!—putting on masks, goggles, hairnets, plastic gowns, foot covers, the whole deal—and then go outside. Well, wouldn’t you know there’s a neighbor watching them?

The Practical Prepper ‘experts’ determine that she needs an alternate location, in case her house becomes compromised, or something. Like, somewhere to make a fresh start that will need brand-new equipment to survive, and they know just the folks to get her outfitted…themselves! She knows what’s up (probably thinking, “I came on this show to get free publicity for myself, not for you guys!”) and says that she doesn’t need a bunker, thank you very much. Which is fine, but if you’re going to have to stay sealed up in your quarantine house for weeks or months, you’d better have some food stored up, and I didn’t see anything edible, just shelves and shelves of medical supplies.

Surprisingly, the show suggests that according to the World Health Organization, a devastating flu pandemic is inevitable. It’s surprising, because every other event these people are supposedly prepping for has been denied by the producers (“Scientists put the likelihood of a Yellowstone eruption at less than .0001 percent!”, etc)—most likely as a way to make the subjects look paranoid, or something like that. Saying that a global flu is inevitable is the closest thing to an endorsement this show has made yet.

For future reference, I am not Donna Nash. Please stop leaving comments asking for pandemic kits. If you’re really interested, I link to her business in the very first sentence of this post.


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  1. […] a fear of a bird flu pandemic. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to be quite as completely germophobic as Donna Nash was (her home looks pretty lived in, and she’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty). Still, […]


  2. Posted by Laika72 on 27 May, 2012 at 20:04

    Donna Nash, sad poor, damaged, uneducated woman…. 1. She lives in an area that most people will not and don’t want to visit.. 2. She’s so antibacterial that those children under 16 will grow up with under developed immune systems making them more likely of illness or even disease as adults. 3. She clearly has an obsseive compulsive disorder. 4. What is wrong with Mormons other than their total ideology? This woman referred to herself as her parent’s daughter; she is a grandmother still identifying as her parents child. 5. Those kids are hopefully going too run for their lives at 18, but my Mormon friends in their 30’s or 40’s are just as insane. More praise to my wife’s Paralegal for getting out of the Church and Utah. 6. This show is seriously using the mentally ill to make a profit. Sad, Sad, Sad. This is a perfect example of why super germs are developng. What the show didn’t say is those “millions” that could die in a Pandemic are going to be concentrated in more populous areas, like say, Asia.; not Alpine, Utah, population 9,550. Mostly all related it seems. Wow.

    You can be prepared without being insane. And the “retired cop”, read fired, at the start of the show. He clearly never recovered from his attack and I will bet he was discharged for Anger or assaulting a person; to quote the “retired police officer”, “I don’t like Police”. Obviously, his Police Employers let him down. I wonder why, perhaps they told him he was aliability having PTSD? He is riding the highways, heavily armed while his wife is suffering from cancer. After discussing a rehearsal scenario, then performing the scenario; he was nearly in a panic attack even saying, “that felt like the real thing. My heart is pumping, whew.” Again, just wow…


  3. Posted by TCryan on 2 September, 2012 at 18:14

    As an EMT with over 20 yrs under my belt I have never seen someone so paranoid about something! This woman is clearly nuts, and dragging her poor family into this insanity clearly shows me that she needs help! If a pandemic happens it’s going to be in large cities such as New York, Chicago, ect. I think you can prepare yourself without getting everyone whipped up into a frenzy! Obviously this woman does not work a full time job because if she did she would be too tired to be messing with this obsession she seems to have. And if a pandemic does happen in her area she would not be allowed to remain in that town, nevermind wrapping her house up in plastic. The Military would be in control and ship everyone out of there, and if it was that bad all the houses would be bulldozed to the ground. Second of all you won’t catch me putting on all that crap: if it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen, so be it! You can’t live forever and I’m not tryin’ to do that! Peace.


  4. All those harmful chemicals Donna sprays DAILY AND HAND SANITIZERS are what she should be more concerned about. Donna did u know most plastics have harm harmful gases that leech into Foods known as BPA
    Besides that’s not living if you are in Constant Fear. relax and Enjoy each and every day


    • Nadine, I agree! Simple soap, vinegar and/or baking soda are just about the only household cleaners one needs. Off-gassing and leaching (formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates, &c) from toxic materials in the home is a major health issue, and I don’t think most folks are aware of it. Thanks for reading!


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