Doomsday Preppers: Kevin O’Brien

This one doesn’t get a picture…because the NatGeo site doesn’t update beyond the premier episodes, and this one’s so boring he doesn’t even show up on a google image search. So…

Kevin O’Brien is a restaurant manager from Florida. He’s concerned about losing his home due to rising sea levels. That’s valid, global warming melting ice caps, sea levels rise, low areas get flooded and so on…oh, what? He’s concerned about rising sea levels due to polar shift? Sorry dude, you just lost me. As I understand it, polar shift has to do with magnetic poles, not with continents drifting around like air-hockey pucks. Florida will not wind up where Alaska is now, or at least not anytime soon.

Anyway (maybe he’s really prepping for something hyperinflation-related like the rest of them, and the producers figured we were starting to get sick of that, and made him pick something else), he has decided to buy property in Tennessee, and move his family there. Funny, I always thought the survivalist heaven was the intermountain West.

Of course, it’s just 130 acres and a barn, so they will have to build their new home when they get there. Wife says she ‘doesn’t want a bunker’. Good. They look at pictures of bottle walls and earthships. Narrator talks as if it’s going to be something actually innovative and unconventional. Kevin says he wants a really solid home…so their new place will likely be made of reinforced concrete. Sorry, sounds like a bunker to me. He wants something that is waterproof, fireproof, earthquakeproof, and bulletproof…clearly, dude hasn’t looked into cob building, not to mention things like strawbale, earth-bermed, cordwood, or the other green building techniques. Which is too bad, because while cob isn’t really bulletproof, you wouldn’t have to worry about being shot at if nobody knows you’re there, and from what they show, a cob cottage with a living roof could totally blend into the rolling landscape of TN.

Like this!

Their energy setup seems pretty nice—TEN big solar cells—plus an array of black plastic water barrels for thermal mass, always a solid plan. They work good for a solar shower tower, too.

His motivation for defense and security is that “people will know we have food”. Dude, if you’re moving out to the country with intent to homestead (because that’s what it sounds like to me), you need to make friends with your neighbors. Too much of this modern survivalist movement is focused on complete self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Like, I’m all about those kind of things, but do it in the context of a community. I see survivalists buying rural property, setting up their little bunker retreats, and then hunkering down. Don’t think your local neighbors don’t know what you’re up to.

He already has hundreds of pounds of dry staples stored in their FL home, in 2-liter soda bottles stacked pretty neat. It’s also good that they intend to grow most of their food, with the rice and dry goods as supplementary to the fresh stuff—so many of the other families on this show focus only on the food hoard of canned goods, and never even mention gardening.

In all, there wasn’t a lot to this one, mostly drama with the kids not wanting to move, and who can blame them? However, I would really like to see them follow up with this family once they get their country place up and running.


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  1. […] two’s second episode finishes up with a look at  Robert Earl & his wife Debbie. Like Kevin O’Brien from last season, they’ve fled from Florida to escape rising sea levels, but they attribute it to […]


  2. […] in contact with a new arrival to the area, who just happens to be a familiar face from season one…Kevin O’Brien! This means we get to see an update on his ultimate prepper homestead, right? Unfortunately, no. […]


  3. I am just now (1-18-13) watching the NGC “Preppers” and grabbed the name and website. Have MUCH to offer, food, ammo all associated prepper needs and am an EMT and have what would equal a small ER setup. Both wife and myself can do minor injuries,topical,and medical healings. Have been in medical field now appx 13 yrs.
    Have military training and sound Biblical foundation, was youth minister for 7 years as well as a Deacon at church, am a New Testament Born Again Christian.
    Bring alot to the table, BUT…have been unable to find those who also believe that the need for this knowledge is soon forthcoming, feel as though I am like NOAH !!
    Please respond accordingly


  4. Posted by Alex on 25 January, 2013 at 05:35

    hello sir. my name is Alex I saw u show on net g o . fl going to be underwater . I live on a island north of jaxs . I lived here for the past 2 years and I don’t feel safe ! I want to go to higher growns .i am a prapper I have guns amo . night vision gear . my mom gave mom Gave me a good chunk of Chang and I work. I do MMA class 3 days a week .I m all so a dog trainer. I took a class for it last year I plan on have lots if dogs runing around my compound and the serounding Shepard s lovey careing son butt I have to leav my mom and fam cus I don’t want to die if fl gose under . I set a goles to be out the state of fl buy the time I was 18 I tern 18 back in sep and I’m still here


  5. Posted by Alex on 25 January, 2013 at 05:59

    hay I’m alexx I’m 18 and live east of Jacksonville its on a island . I do not feel safe here cuz I know fl going to be under water in no time . ima prapper. have guns amo night vision ,tools, gold gold and sliver . Iv Ben working all my teen age life and my dad has money so he helps me out . I’n 2months from now im getting my deploma .i can move out the day I have that paper I. my hand . I can. move to dry land .im a very out door s kind of boy I fish hunt I could live off the land if I had to . lol I want to build a compound with lots of dogs trained German shepherd s. I want a place where I go to bed at night know my family safe !.


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