Doomsday Preppers: Rogers Family

Up next is the Rogers family from Alberta, Canada. I get the slightest hint of a Take Shelter vibe from this family. The wife is apparently motivated and/or tormented by recurring dreams of a nonspecific environmental disaster. To which I say…meh, I’ve had multiple dreams about aircraft, satellites, and even the space station falling out of the sky. It hasn’t changed the way I live.

They spend twelve hours a week prepping, for all kinds of environmental disasters. Well, flexibility is good, and at least it’s not twelve hours a day like some of the other obsessives on the show have admitted. But why focus on just environmental issues? Don’t fixate on one kind of disaster to the point you’re vulnerable to others. It’s like giving the ZSG to a twelve-year old boy to see if he’ll pick up on the multipurpose survival advice that could see him through anything from a hurricane or earthquake to civil unrest or rise of the recently-deceased.  He won’t, because it’s The Zombie Survival Guide.

They show the husband making an improvised ‘gas mask’ that he claims will work for anything from volcanic ash to tear gas. I don’t know where tear gas comes into play in environmental emergencies, but don’t bother with homemade charcoal masks. Soaking a bandana in apple cider vinegar works fine in a pinch.

The wife is really proud of her last birthday present—500 gallons of water.  An earlier episode of the show claimed that 100 gallons per day is the average water usage for Americans (granted, these folks are Canadian), but that’s still not going to last them a year like she seems to hope. Teaching yourselves to make do with less now will make the transition easier later.

They have a ‘family prepping talk’ every night before bed? Lady, you’re going to mess the poor kid up if you keep doing that. Once a week, tops. Plus, there’s just something phony about people who set aside time for a family <blank> time.

On the plus side, they get a major thumbs-up for teaching their youngling the rules of gun safety!


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