Doomsday Preppers: Bruce Beach

After a week-long hiatus, the show is back with an episode titled “It’s Gonna Get Worse”, which starts out with a look at another Canadian, Bruce Beach.
After serving in the USAF during the early Cold War, Beach moved to Ontario and built a 10,000 square-foot shelter for protection from fallout from a nuclear war. This bunker is made out of 42 school buses, encased in 18 inches of concrete and 14 feet of dirt, and can apparently sustain 500 people for a significant amount of time.
But the weird thing is, the only people Beach seems to be interested in accepting into his ‘ark’…are children. He keeps talking about how his first priority is to “save the children”. And the first thing he wants these children to do when they enter the place? Strip down for a ‘decontamination shower’. Hmm… =S
So, if the bombs start falling and you and your child show up on this guy’s doorstep, he’ll take the kid into his underground compound and send you away with a Geiger counter and some kind of consolation kit  (featuring stickers that say “to re-build a better world” *eye twitch*). At this point, I really have to wonder, how are 500 children going to help survive the end of the world?
Well, that’s irrelevant, because as it turns out, he claims that the purpose of his bunker (which he calls “Ark Two”)  is “to help those who survive to rebuild society; we are not about survival, we are about reconstruction.” Wait, the guy with the massive fallout shelter is not interested in survival? I don’t follow his logic. So, is the Ark just to enable him to surround himself with young people (impressionable minds being easier to indoctrinate, I guess?) long enough for the fallout to kill the heathen disbelievers outside?

He keeps going on something about his life’s mission as “service to humanity”, whatever that means. Between the ark stuff, the children stuff, the rebuilding stuff, and the humanity stuff, I would guess he has some old-school Christian agenda. I would also guess that his ‘service to humanity’ doesn’t extend to folks like me who don’t worship his patriarchic, misogynistic, Indo-European sky-god (or follow the teachings of any organized, salvationist belief-system, for that matter). Likewise, I would guess he doesn’t give a shit about the Yanomami or the !Kung or other non-industrialized members of humanity (except maybe as targets for conversion). Well, from his autobiography, it looks like he’s sampled the religious buffet and is now a Baha’i (Bahai’ist???) Whatever; it’s still organized, civilized, monotheistic, and based on a prophet. No thanks.

Anyway, as in the case of the very first family featured in the first episode, his bunker is ugly! Just because it’s all rivets and welded steel doesn’t mean it has to be so unattractive. I have nothing against an industrial aesthetic (I’m big on Piecraftian dieselpunk and the gritty redpill Zion), but this place just has no style.

And weirdly, there’s no ‘expert analysis’ of this guy at the end of the segment.


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  1. Posted by John wright on 14 August, 2012 at 15:17

    Hey bruce i would like to ask u a few question if u could send me your email address i would be thankful. Im a prepper myself from canada i live in alberta. Please send me your email or some way i can get ahold of you. Thanks for your time.


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