Doomsday Preppers: Bradford Frank

And our last fellow for this episode is Bradford Frank, a Yale-educated psychiatrist living in San Diego, California. Worried about a pandemic, has spent $15,000 on preps.
Again, this one’s pretty light on actual content, unless you like ‘reality’ show family drama.
His Cambodian wife says ‘nothing will happen!’ I’d like to say she’s being an optimist, but I think ostrich is more correct.
The guy from Tennessee stockpiles corn, this guy stores tons and tons of RICE! It’s funny, because they’re Asian.
Apparently, his wife survived the Khmer Rouge by hiding in a cave. Real survival. She also doesn’t care about stocking rice, she’ll eat the robin, snake, and cricket in the backyard! As you should (I’m really looking forward to grasshopper season this summer, so I can chow down on some toasty shish-kabob’d locusts). The first things to go out the window in a survival situation should be your food preferences.
Like others on the show have tried, they do a practice bug-out…to an abandoned mine/cave; as previously mentioned, wife has had bad past experiences in caves. Does not like.

I don’t know what would be worse—trying to bug out with a cat, or a teenage daughter.


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