Doomsday Preppers: Josh Wander

Our next prepper is Josh Wander, from Pittsburg, PA. Josh fills an interesting demographic, because while it seems a majority of those featured on the show are Judeo-Christians, Josh seems to be the first one to represent the Judeo- half of that particular salvationist tradition.
joshwanderHonestly, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this segment.
This father of six (all biblical names, surprise) originally hails from Jerusalem, but they moved to the States ten years ago, and now Josh is running for city council. His big push is to make preparedness a part of his campaign. When his big fear is coordinated terrorist attacks, it’s easy to get civic-minded citizens onboard. I wonder if he got elected?
He gets together with some other Jews and organizes a terror-attack-drill with lots of fake blood in the park, I guess to get the responders used to dealing with gory injuries.

Josh finds himself in a tough position with regards to his food storage. Although it seems he’s been ‘prepping’ for three years, he only has a few months’ worth of food stockpiled, because apparently kosher shelf-stable prepper food is hard to find. Hmm, I think that’s what you call a niche market. Someone with more business-savvy than me could really make a boatload of money with that!

So, even though they’re un-kosher, the family keeps rabbits. Smartly, Josh makes sure the kids don’t name the animals, so they’re not pets. Although if you are going to name your livestock, I’m a fan of Doug Huffman’s approach—calling each animal by the dish it’s going into (“Stir-fry”, “Stew”, &c.).

Josh takes some of his kids to the range to teach them gun safety and how to shoot, which gives us an image one doesn’t often see: a Jew with an AK! Hey, it’s probably a good idea to get familiar with your enemy’s weapons. We can’t all train with IDF machineguns.

With a focus on terrorism, Josh is big on bugging out, and their practice drill looks like it should—they all pile into a van and head out, with none of that ‘let’s spend an hour packing stuff into a trailer at the last minute’ that so many of this show’s ‘bug outs’ depict. Additionally, I really love his take on that everyone’s favorite cinematic OT episode: “Exodus was a bug out.” Love it.

Experts give him 70 points—higher than I expected—for twelve months.

And in his update segment, now-bearded Josh announces that his family has decided—should it become necessary—they’re going to move back to Israel, “where Jews are protected and safe.” I wonder what brought that about? Was he a victim of an anti-Semitic hate-crime? I dunno, but I’d rather live where, while you might get the odd slur thrown at you, at least you’re not living in a regional powderkeg, surrounded by hostile nations praying for your destruction on three sides. Just sayin’.


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