Doomsday Preppers: Jim D

Up next we have ‘Jim D.’, a ‘security consultant’ from SoCal.
© NatGeo/Sharp EntertainmentHis well-worded concern is for the “destruction of the power grid by a terrorist attack, and social unrest that will follow.” Specifically, he’s worried about some kind of cyber attack that could cripple the grid from the inside, not about Jihadists blowing up high-wire lines.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this segment. I totally agree that our culture’s thirst for power (both the electrical and nature-controlling varieties) is one of the shatterpoints that will play out and determine the course of the next half-century. Making the situation worse is the fact that ‘developing’ nations will look to the trendsetting, ‘developed’ (read:industrialized) nations for the standard of living they ‘should’ be achieving. This means that in the years to come, all those upwardly-mobile Indians and Chinese will be trying their best to live unsustainable, industrialized, Western-style lives—necessitating even more power generation, which will likely be achieved by burning fossil fuels, which will just make things worse (and they’re already pretty bad). However, when faced with such daunting industrial-sized forces, I don’t respond in kind; I downscale to a level that is actually comprehensible to the human mind. I’m just saying: if the latest empire that’s headed for collapse is founded on a thirst for fossil fuels and infernal combustion engines (“first they built the road/then they built the town/that’s why we’re still driving around and around…”), maybe you should consider if you want to include those in your idea of ‘prepared’.

Jim D.’s approach, however, is to go mobile….(go on, I’m listening)…in a supposedly-$300,000 armored truck-thing he calls The Behemoth. Oh. Nevermind then.
© NatGeo/Sharp Entertainment
This monster of a vehicle is 28 (did I hear that right?) feet long, eleven feet tall, and eight feet wide; is somehow able to run on propane, bristles with security cameras, and has a pretty comfortable-looking sleeping cabin. Honestly, all the ingredients are there for Jim and his family to become professional rubber tramps; he just needs to make The Behemoth look approachable and not so…miliscary.

To support his plan of bugging out in the truck, he and his team have apparently buried sealed caches of survival goods all around Orange County and the surrounding region. That’s cool, but he relies on GPS to record their locations, so what will he do when the grid goes down?
So, because driving around in a wannabe tank isn’t dramatic enough, they go out to the desert where Jim takes position on the top of The Behemoth and does some target shooting, while the thing is moving. Believe it or not, it’s harder than it looks on Call of Duty!

The experts rightly tell Jim to consider his means of replenishing his food stores on the road; they give him 65 points for ten months’ survival time.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I like the concept of his vehicle, but it is a bit over the top. I think i would rather have something that did not attract as much attention if he is really worried about the looting and rioting.


  2. Posted by Gridwerk on 21 October, 2014 at 15:39

    So let me get this straight: the Native Indian who can live indefinitely in the wild solely off knowing the ebb-and-flow of nature and relying on nothing that isn’t based on 700+ years of proven historical repetition gets an F but Tank Girl with his $300k boat anchor COMPLETELY dependent on the FIRST resource expected to disappear when things go pear shaped gets basically a C+? Ugh.


    • I know, right? Yet another example of the show’s ‘experts’ having no idea of what actual preparedness is.


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