Doomsday Preppers: Alex Dunbar

Up next is the episode ‘People Become Animals!’, which seems to continue the previous profile’s theme of low-key prepping. On the whole, this one is pretty much the Least Prepper-y Episode ever—nobody shoots anything, and incredibly, nothing blows up.
© NatGeo/Sharp Entertainment
So we begin with Alex Dunbar, of around San Luis, Colorado. He’s former USMC, which usually translates to supertactical and generally obnoxious. However, he seems pretty down to earth, as you’d expect from someone who claims to be “training an army of dogs to survive World War Three”.

Of course, I think—like most of the folks on the show—he’s really just appearing for some publicity for his dog-training outfit.
His rationale is something about “the whole world hating America” or some such. I dunno, the world didn’t always hate us back in our isolationist days, but about a hundred years ago that started to change. Now that we’re the imperial World Police, you can’t really blame them. But don’t worry—every empire in the last six thousand years (which is to say, all of them) has collapsed after exhausting their landbase and/or stretching themselves too thin.

In order to confront his hypothetical scenario, Alex has “pre-bugged out” to a 320-acre compound out in the middle of nowhere, very well-suited to his dog-training enterprise. As he says, a well-trained German Shepherd can fill all the roles of a body guard, offensive weapon, defensive alarm system, &c.

There’s a bunch of unnecessary focus on the individual dogs, giving them names and headshots and stuff. Bleh.

As you might imagine, it could potentially cost a lot of money to keep this many big dogs fed, so Alex takes the DIY route and makes his own dog food, using fruits, veggies, and yak meat. I think he says something about planning to raise yaks? That’d be cool, everywhere could use more megafauna.

Something I thought was interesting was how Alex has chosen to train his dogs in Slovakian. The rationale being the idea that it would give him a slight edge over anyone he was operating against, expecting to hear ‘Attack! Heel! Sic balls!’ or whatever, only to hear some completely foreign language (unless he’s invaded by Slovakians, that is). It’s probably not a bad idea.

The producer’s stunt comes when Alex takes one of the dogs (who has a fear of heights) and rappels with him off a 50-foot bridge. The dog doesn’t freak out too terribly, so I’d say Alex trains them pretty well.

On account of his isolation and pre-bugged-out-edness, experts award him 70 points for a year’s worth of initial survival time.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Charles on 24 September, 2013 at 10:03

    I know my question has nothing to do with this particular article but I really need to ask this. Why are there no black preppers shown on this show??


    • Wow, good question. I hadn’t really thought about that. We did get Jason Charles in Season One, and Aton Edwards was a mentor in the Escape From NYC episode, but they’ve been the only ones. Someone sociologist should totally write a ‘Where are all the black preppers?’ article; I would read it in a heartbeat.


  2. I can only speak from a personal experience with dealing with Alex Dunbar, in my opinion he is a very dishonest individual who is a suburb con-artiest, you can look this guy up on “Ripoff Report” where he is undergoing lawsuits from a handful of individuals.

    I am the soul owner of Ariela Von Haus Franciose, who I own all rights too. She is not Slovakian, she is Western German Shepherd whom I purchased from a breeder in Pennsylvania. National Geographic nor Alex Dunbar had my approval to have her on the show.

    I have yet to get any response from National Geographic or Alex Dunbar on the miss representation of my dog. Alex cleared me and my husbands savings out. He stole $2,000 which, may not be much to most but the world to us. We paid him to train her in starting protection and obedience. I can assure you my “Warrior Dog” that you saw on the show does all that naturally, and that the only command she knew after his “Warrior Dog” training was “sit” which surprisingly I taught her.

    I Feel as if he is a bad man that tells a lot of lies and misrepresents himself as a Marine. Supposedly the Navy Seals train with him, which was founded to be another lie with military contacts through a private party. What I assume Alex does, is he buys these dogs from Slovakia already trained and then he acts as if he trains these dogs himself. He more or less buys these dogs with the money he scams people out of.

    You want a real dog that is trained, that makes these dogs on his show look silly go to he actually sold me Ariela, and he sells his dogs at a affordable price, he offers trained, and can get you any dog you are looking for. You liked my dog, then go to him.
    Alex was not very honest to me and a handful of others, so please don’t wire him ANY MONEY, or buy into any of his propaganda. Do a lot of research! I don’t want another person to fall pray like my husband and I. It really tore my heart apart and it really me to trust someone who calls themselves a brother in arms. Please, please be very careful.


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