Doomsday Preppers: Steve Pace

Next we come to Steve Pace, a retired Army sergeant living in Campbell, MO.
Like everybody else it seems, he thinks “the biggest threat to our civilization is the loss of our electrical grid”…so, yet another EMP-er?
He claims to demonstrate that a metal garbage can works as yet another homemade Faraday Cage.  He tests it out with a couple of walkie-talkies inside, because he hopes to broadcast survival info to neighbors post-disaster. I have to ask, what if their stuff is fried too?

Nice to see him doing some target practice with the SKS.

He tools around on his candy-apple red ‘quadracycle’, with a cop friend to check his speed. I’d be fine with it if his motivation was as fairly-reliable post-collapse transportation, but he hooks up a motor to it, so he can hopefully escape a horde of raiders (it doesn’t go as fast as he’d like).
Then, he and his wife drink some piss. No, really, they run some urine through a filter to demonstrate the lengths they’ll go to in a survival situation. Hmm…my producer-enforced-stunt sense is tingling.
Pace states that his motivations for survival are “family, community, freedom, and justice”.
Well, ‘family’ and ‘community’ are fine by me (variations on a tribe), but ‘justice’ makes me nervous—like he has an axe to grind. And ‘freedom’? Not until you can imagine a way of life different from the one that collapsed.

Also, I saw another one of those clientele-tailored food-bucket ad running during this segment.


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  1. Posted by Carmen on 11 November, 2012 at 00:42

    I’m right there with you!
    Being a widow and alone it’s hard to do everything right
    Could you tell me how much ammo, water and food I would need
    I have been getting ready though
    Please reply. Carmen


    • Ma’am, the answer to your question will depend greatly on any number of variables. There are certain necessities which will be required for all contingencies (water, shelter, food, personal defense), but beyond that one’s options are infinite. I would be happy to correspond in private if you wish to discuss this matter further.


  2. If i flatten out trash cans and line the outside of my house with them will i be protected from microwave cell phone tower radiation?I may be bugging out soon and microwave cell phone radiation cancer towers are all over America,sooner or latter one always pops up where you least expect it.Gangstalked U.S.A. by the evil shepple towers 2012.


  3. Posted by D. Johnson, retired MSG on 1 January, 2013 at 18:00

    How do I contact you in private? I would like some info also.


  4. Posted by Lynn on 2 February, 2013 at 22:28

    Your episode is one of my favorite. You are so practical. Could I get an email address to ask some specific questions about the use of faraday cages?? Like what all would be affected besides the obvious?? If you have solar panels, would they be damaged? Or just the battery generators that they charge. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Lynn


    • Lynn, I’ve sent you a private email with what I believe is an address to contact Mr. Pace. Check your inbox! Thanks for reading!


  5. Posted by Steve Pace on 18 September, 2013 at 22:44

    Thanks for the review, and a few votes of confidence.
    For the op-ed’s clarity, my statement has always been prepping for ‘the continuity of community, family, freedom and justice”.

    You seem to have “inadvertently” misconstrued the entire motto.

    I suspect the ax to grind might be yours.

    Steve Pace


    • Hi Steve, Thanks for the clarification on your prepping motto; it’s always nice to hear from folks directly. I don’t take any issue with it, I’m simply wary of nationalistic buzzwords like ‘Freedom’ and ‘Justice’. Thanks for reading and stopping by!


  6. Posted by Peter Juknelis on 3 December, 2017 at 04:46

    OMG!!! These write ups friggin KILL me!! I called the SKS thing (Season 1, Episode 10), the minute I saw the circular blued rear of the upper, right above the stock. He started whining about “being off today”. Come on!! You can go to some sportsman’s sites, and get a flat top AR for under $500.00 now. Your going to trust your family’s safety to an SKS??? Well, then you better learn how to run fast, and deploy that bayonet!! I will drink a glass of beer in your honor. Sorry, at least it LOOKS like your tasty piss, but I just can’t do it!!!!

    Keep writing these blogs guys!! It’s some side-splitting stuff!!

    Pete Juknelis
    MD Dept. of Public Safety
    (410) 917-6881


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