Doomsday Preppers: Preston White

This next guy is one of the more…interesting people they’ve profiled on the show.
Preston White, Colorado.  Concerned with obsessed with some sort of lingering radiation cloud from the March 2011 Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster.
Other folks have said it too, but I’ll say it too—something about this guy is Off (and unlike Ms. Hurwitt, I don’t think this is an effect of the show’s editing). He’s both eager and creepy, and he hangs around with a younger, vaguely sycophantic, commando-wannabe guy.
His whole…everything…seems to be very much conspiracy-based (he’d be great on the ‘History’ channel!) Apparently, he claims that a year after the Fukushima plant melted down, the fallout is either still hanging over North America, or is going to start raining down radiation on the oblivious population really soon. Mr. White’s response is probably the most one-dimensional example of ‘prepping’ I’ve seen so far. He hoards seeds.
Because he always needs more seeds (11,000 varieties are not enough, apparently), he heads down to the local ‘hydroponics shop’. When the lady asks him what he’s buying all these seeds for, his answer (“Fukushima.”) smacks of the first-name-familiarity fringe-y conspiracy theory types use to talk about “pole shift” or “2012” or whatever.
To avoid getting his seeds watered by killer rain, they put up some tents in the backyard. I don’t know how well plants grow in canvas tents, and I don’t know if he plans on getting some grow-lights in there, but if not, I’m pretty sure plants need sunlight to grow right.

They show off what they call a ‘H-H-O generator’ (it supposedly breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen), which looks like a B-movie background prop with its colorful LED rope lights. And really, a device that turns water into usable fuel? Why don’t we have cars built around this thing?, especially if, as they say, the plans to make one are easily available on the internet. Probably another conspiracy theory behind this, too.
Finally, there’s a section where this guy posts on craigslist about trading seeds or something, and gets into a shooting incident with some guys in a field way outside town. I’m not sure what was going on (the newspaper article shown suggests it was a ‘botched pot deal’), but some have suggested that Mr. White is into growing something a bit more profitable than heirloom corn and tomatoes. Regardless, everything about this guy is pretty fishy.


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  1. […] show says that John is really big into seed banks. And he has a colleague/helper? Uh-oh, we’ve heard that before… And I mean, he’s really into seed banks. In addition to running a seed bank mail-order […]


    • Posted by flutteronby on 20 November, 2012 at 20:28

      I really enjoyed watching you this nov.2012 on t.v. I am happy to hear another person has voiced real concerns over Fukushima radiation.I live in Ness county Kansas ,and after the Fukushima accident i refused to let my kids play out in the rain.I went as far as to tell teachers please not to let my kids out for recess. Everyone said i was over reacting.I also dried clothes inside for a while and did not eat spinich,very little cheese,and no milk.Youtuber Dutchsinse came to American soil and reported radiation.Media blackout about Fukushima fallout still taking place .The whole United States needs to be decontaminated.Leuren Moret along with many nuclear scientists agree we are in trouble and totally lied to about radiation fallout in our jetstream.Not much grew due to the drought summer of 2011 in my Bazine Kansas garden.I would not have eaten it anyway.Mutated dandylions and strawberries can be viewed on you tube showing fallout damage.Pine trees absorb cesium and are showing signs of Fukushima fallout.The trained eye can spot damage on lots of foliage.I was not at all surprised you were targeted for violence.Always carry your weapon and trust no one you do not really know.N.W.O. agenda 21 freaks will stop you if they can.Chemtrailing,Microwave cell phone shepple towers,HAARP, and G.M.O. Monsatan frankinstien seeds are taking over the world.Good luck.


  2. Posted by FriendlyAdviceJustTryIt on 11 November, 2013 at 12:13

    H-H-O generator, yes, it looks hokey and doesn’t seem possible, they added some glowing lights to try to make it look cool but that doesn’t change one simple fact, it is extremely real and the internet users are so confused, it is free gas and clean gas, it is real and powerful, easy to create, people like to say it is fake because it sounds to good to be real but everyone knows that hydrogen is real, they just didn’t know that it was so simple to create. I recommend trying it to see for yourself, there is a simple test you can run with just a 9-volt battery, the end of the battery is the electrodes, some table salt is the electrolyte and the battery in the water creates the process of electrolysis, watch the bubbles rise, the bubbles can be lit on fire with a lighter, now think of this but in a larger scale, free gas, use solar and a battery bank to complete the free part and it costs nothing to keep creating, look-up HHO heaters, you can run your cars, hot water, stove, heaters and everything on this, the worlds most abundant and free resource, rain water! Why don’t cars run on it, that is the real question and why are they trying to make you go to a gas station to fill up your car with the only cars that they industry leaders are creating and charging you double or triple for the gas/water, I think we all know why, money/jobs/greed! The world isn’t going to be unlivable during their time so why not make a buck off of pollution. Word of advice, be careful when lighting the gas, it is flammable and dangerous. I would recommend watching a you tube video or two so you don’t blow yourself up, everyone should know the truth, many have died trying to get the truth out and now the truth is everywhere on the internet but there are so many lies about it, try the test, watch it work and share the knowledge with friends, find out how to get your car or house converted for such a cheap amount, we could all use the extra money gas money we would save and could finally go anywhere we wanted without the cost and pollution.


  3. Posted by Shaun on 7 September, 2014 at 17:00

    The point everyone is missing about an HHO genny is the key element in the process is the electrolysis… So yes, you can split the hydrogen out of water using an electrical current and then burn the hydrogen but the energy required is more than you gain from the burning hydrogen so the end result is a net loss in power unless/until a more efficient form of electrolysis is developed…


  4. HHO generater was 100% real. Cost $3000 and heats the guys house for $20 a month in the rocky mountains. Port was 1700 Degrees F. HHO from a system like this is on-demand and none is stored. The lights were for fun so you could see the movement of the foaming gas through the clear tubing. One item we did was imploded bubbles for the camera but they did not show it. Different sound when hydrogen implodes…


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