Doomsday Preppers: Amanda & Scott Bobbin

The last segment of ‘Prepper’s Paradise’ looks at Amanda & Scott Bobbin, living in Waynesville, North Carolina, and I have very little to say about them.
Originally from Florida, they pulled up stakes and moved to the mountains because Greta the ghost told them to get out…because a comet is coming! That’s right, Amanda Bobbin is The SpOoOoOoky Prepper.
So, they move to NC and find a sweet deal on a house called ‘Paragon Jewel’, which I’m already suspicious about, because houses with names—especially New Age-y ones—are weird. Honestly, I get a real The Shining vibe from the whole thing, and I’m sure that’s what they were going for.paragonjewelFor what it’s worth, this Paragon Jewel is not the same as the completely-different-looking property up for auction 150 miles away in Bluefield, West Virginia. Seriously, they look nothing alike.

The house is supposedly 8,500 square feet, with 51 rooms, which is a lot for just two people. It seems Greta the Ghost also stipulated that they should extend an invitation to fellow would-be survivors, and make the house a bastion of security in the post-comet-impact world. Or something. And how do they get these messages from Greta the Ghost? Amanda ‘channels’ them. Ohboy. Did I mention that the house’s previous owner was also named Greta? Whoooooaaaaa! It turns out that she was in it for the long haul, because they keep finding survival goods stashed all over the place (they open up a shed and find what looks like several tons of grains and other foods, all sealed up in buckets).

They invite some neighbors over, who are nice enough to bring Scott the coolest housewarming gift ever—a twelve gauge pump shotgun! Apparently he’s never shot one before?, so there’s some nervous-making stuff while he’s getting familiar with the action. Like Brent’s son from a few weeks ago, if you’ve never touched a gun before (videogames don’t count), please ask someone to help you out first.

Oh, and while they’re filming, the couple’s two sons come over for a visit from Ireland. So yeah, if you’re into crystals and ghosts and British accents (and there’s a definite type of person who goes for those things), you’d probably really enjoy this segment.
Eventually the parents explain how they’ve ‘become preppers’, which just makes for a bunch of reality-show drama. Johnny, the younger one, seems to think preparation isn’t bad—“what if there’s a storm or something?”—while Chris wants nothing to do with it. You can explain all you want, how it’s the smart thing to do, but good luck trying to reason with a sixteen year old.

The experts tell them to get security cameras, alarms, and defensive training. They get 65 points, for ten months’ initial survival.


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  1. Hello I just watched you and your family on youtube ….We are just getting started and believe Economic Collapse is also coming.
    Please feel free to call My name is
    Mia Clark
    701 373 5418


  2. Posted by James on 23 September, 2013 at 08:23

    Hi, I also just watched you and your family on NatGeo here in Australia… I am an American ex-military man and am very interested in speaking with you and with Mia Clark… I am planning on returning to the states very soon… and would love to speak to you about a few ideas… please contact me on, even if it is to tell me to piss off…lol.


  3. Posted by Randy on 27 May, 2014 at 00:01

    I would think that the bobbinses require some help in becomin more adequate preppers, everything that was done for them is awsome but the fact that they live in a mountaintop haven and the best he can do is charge a shotgun is alarming, the house is a well equiped fortress, water, fish pond stored food obvious growing area, wildlife hell myself I could keep my famaly and friends going there indefinitly but then again I am a retired marine 0317 and have some of the tools of my trade on hand,these people seem to mean well but experience in hostile enviroments tells me they will not control PARAGON JEWEL long if something does happen, the ability to tacticaly control that much property must fall to someone with experience and the will to do what it takes to protect the inhabbitants if the place including deadly force and I just dont see it happening with them,SORRY… I would love to help them as I could believe in their tennant that all are worth helping so if they happen upon this my email is whitedevilrandy@yahoo those of you that have negative shit to say keep it to yourself


  4. Posted by Roger Ward on 24 October, 2014 at 11:36

    Hey there I just saw about you’ll this morning after having a dream last night telling me to watch Doomsday Peppers which was on my Tvo when I turned it on. What’s even stranger is it was set to only record new episodes. After seeing you’ll I have this crazy need to talk with you’ll. So I googled Paragon Jewel and found this. I hope this reaches you. A little about me. I was born and raised right here in WNC the city of SALUDA. My family and I ran a grocery store and meat market that my great grandaddy started in the 1890s. Over the years there I became the fix it man, doing electrical, plumbing, refrigertion Along with working there I have over 25 years fire & rescue service and was a sworn LEO. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you’ll soon. Roger (828)606-9676


  5. Posted by Mel on 18 November, 2014 at 19:28

    Hello there, I just saw the episode about Scott and Amanda bobbin I had a similar dream a year ago about the smokey mountains a place to go when the tsunami comes I made a video about my dream. I went to North Carolina and the directions I received was waynesville. This is not a coincidence! I would like to speak with you guys please email me to talk about possibilities. Tks Mel 321458twentyseven6two


  6. Posted by Rodriguez on 21 November, 2014 at 03:18

    I watched the same show as all the others and would like to offer my experiences and abilities. I am a single parent raising 3 teens in Winston Salem, at first it sounds crazy but when looked closely you will find that every single person in my household has extensive marial arts training. I have 25+ years in martial arts, my oldest daughter has 15 +, my son 5+ and youngest daughter age 14 has also 5+ years in two different marital arts. I was a US Army Infantry soldier trained in close quarter combat, field first aid, explosives, breach and cease and have extensive skills with firearms. I have many many skills that would be very helpful I will list some of them here for your consideration. Automobile mechanic, eletrical, wood working, body healing by massage therapy and acupunture, hunting and trap making, farming, animal breeding and training. My children are all believers that we must be prepared for something big and they are all supportive and willing to work, they also are trained in weapons handling and shooting.

    These are some of my skills but not all of them. I also feel like our time is running out and time is of the essence. If you feel like you would like we would be a good fit, we should setup a meeting. you can reach me at my email

    Thank you,


  7. Posted by Lisa Chociej on 19 January, 2015 at 01:22

    I am from Marietta, Ohio and I think you could also invest in a person like me who could have a few dogs who I can train to help alert us of intruders and help stop intruders. I would be very interested in a reply at
    my dogs are fed raw meat, so, anything that could be frozen and thawed would feed them 🙂


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